Author: Thomas Kruzel

How effective is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and whom are they working for these days?

The FDA was created by Congress in 1938 by the passing of The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FDC) Act to provide guidelines for the control of cosmetics and therapeutic devices, requiring new drugs to be shown to be safe before they entered the market,…

Prostatic Disease: A Common Problem / New Hope for Relief

This article discusses the all to commonly encountered problems with prostate disease that begins to affect men in their 40’s. Various natural therapies and preventive measures are discussed.

How Safe are the mRNA Vaccines and What Do They Actually Do?

Now that the first wave of Covid vaccinations has passed, the rush to become vaccinated or even fully vaccinated has begun to slow, much to the chagrin of the press, politicians and special interest groups. Many are opting out at this point due to concerns about adverse reactions.

Do We Really Want to Vaccinate Children Against Covid-19?

Almost immediately after the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, and the race to develop a vaccine began, at least one influential individual started calling for the Covid vaccine to become part of the infant immunization schedule.

A Year Later – Where Are We With Covid-19?

It has been over a year now since Covid-19 came on the scene and we have tried to sort through the plethora of information that has been put forth by the press, special interest groups, and the pharmaceutical companies as well as the scientific literature in order to help you make informed choices for prevention and treatment.


This article discusses some of the more common illnesses seen by physicians in clinical practice. It was written initially for a medical journal to help educate clinicians to better serve the geriatric population.
Woman wearing mask

Aren’t masks supposed to stop the spread of COVID-19? Why do the number cases continue to rise?

Lyle R asks: With all of the masking going on in Arizona and elsewhere, why do the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise? Aren’t masks supposed to stop the spread?
Girl holding face mask

What Message is Society Sending to Our Children

Despite ours and many other physicians [1] and parental groups requesting that students not be required to wear masks or be socially distanced due to the COVID-19 issue, many school districts have set up plans to do so. The question is what message is society sending to our children and what may be the impact now and in the future?
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A Look Back at Previous Vaccine Efforts

With all of the recent talk about fast tracking a vaccine for COVID-19 we thought that we would take a look at previous efforts to produce a vaccine for pandemics to see how things turned out.  
Bag of Money

Following the Money on COVID 19 Vaccine

“So why are we racing to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, a common cold and flu virus when we can acquire immunity naturally? In order to answer this question I believe that we really only need to follow the money.”