Author: Thomas Kruzel

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Homeopathic Vaccination & Prophylaxis

Homeopathic medicines have a safe and effective track record for protection from communicable diseases and epidemics and are used world wide. This article by Dr. Kruzel presents the science behind how homeopathic vaccinations work to enhance ones immune system and convey life long immunity.
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HPV Vaccinations

Why would anyone want to immunize their teenager against the Human Papilloma Virus when there is a real possibility of premature ovarian failure and developing cervical cancer?
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Geriatric Health – Elder Abuse, Neglect, Ageism and Social Isolation

Elder abuse, neglect, loneliness and the difficulties encountered with ageist attitudes are one of the biggest challenges faced by the elderly in most societies worldwide.
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Xenobiotics & Persistent Organic Pollutants – Preludes to a Silent Spring

In 1962 Rachel Carson, a marine biologist turned conservationist, published Silent Spring, a book that brought to the public’s attention the effects of man made chemicals on the environment.
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How the CDC Uses Fear to Increase Demand for Flu Vaccines

This article from Children’s Health illustrates the manner that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) uses statistics and estimates of death rates to instill fear so that people will get yearly flu shots.
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Medical Conflicts of Interest

The question one must ask when presented with recommendations from patient advocacy groups or entities such as the American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association or the National Academy of Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine), is who is the organization advocating for?
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Diseases of the Male Genital-Urinary Tract – Prevention is the Best Cure

Men begin to experience diseases of the prostate beginning with the onset of puberty and the physical, hormonal and biochemical maturation of the organs of reproduction. This trend continues throughout the rest of our lives, even into old age when our reproductive capacities have declined.
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Water & Hydration – An Important Component for Health and Vitality

Water & Hydration – An Important Component for Health and Vitality discusses the importance of maintaining adequate hydration as well as comparing the different types of water available to maintain hydration.
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Emotional Healing

Dr Thacker’s Emotional Healing – In this article Dr Thacker discusses how to address emotional issues that we are faced with from time to time, offering some excellent suggestions.
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Why are there so many different drugs for the same condition? What benefit do they have?

Pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs similar to what is already on the market because of patents held by the original developers.