Men's Health

When one thinks of “male diseases”, the focus is primarily on disorders of the genital urinary organs which are unique to men. However statistically, men experience higher rates of heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disorders, liver diseases and diabetes than their female counterparts, all of which contribute to an average life expectancy 7 years less than women.

Men are less likely to seek medical attention than women, especially for minor problems which may serve as warning signs for more serious underlying illness. This in turn translates to higher morbidity and mortality rates due to the advanced state of the disease when it is eventually discovered. Social and economic pressures, as well as a lack of understanding as to what constitutes normal function, also contribute to these dismal statistics.

An emphasis on education, disease prevention and wellness programs has been shown to enhance not only life expectancy, but one’s quality of life as well. Comprehensive individualized wellness programs are available for all patients of all ages.