Naturopathic Medicine Services in Phoenix: Your Path to Total Mind and Body Health

Frustrated with the typical doctor’s office experience? Endless wait times. A rushed consultation with your physician. A scribble on a prescription pad and a co-pay later and out-the-door to the pharmacy you go? That’s not what you’ll find with the physicians of naturopathic medicine at Rockwood Natural Medicine Clinic (RNMC).

Discover the Difference Naturopathy Can Make…

A comprehensive, one-on-one consultation with your doctor. Individualized treatment with a focus on wellness and preventative care. Treatment with a focus on eliminating the root cause of issues rather than simply managing symptoms. A unique, interdisciplinary approach to your health that leaves no stone unturned, from naturopathic medicine to conventional primary care services. And a caring, highly-skilled staff experienced in proven treatment therapies.

  • Functional, integrative Services for the whole family…
    • Wellness & Primary Care
      Stop waiting for problems to happen! Take a preventative role in maintaining your health. Wellness care is superior to sick care in ensuring your long term health every time.
    • Lab tests
      What’s your baseline? You can’t figure out where you going if you don’t know where you started. Let our lab tests help you discover where you are on your path to wellness.
    • Pediatric medicine
      Children respond rapidly and well to natural approaches to healthcare issues, and your child’s early years are critical to their health later in life. Learn how to start your child out on the right track during this critical time of immune system development.
    • Men’s health
      Men, stop making excuses about doctor visits and your health! With a shorter life expectancy and higher rates of heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disorders, liver diseases and diabetes than women, you must be proactive. Rockwood knows there’s more to your health than genital and urinary disorders, and we’ve got the skills to prove it. Learn more.
    • Women’s health
      Tired of worrying about the side effects of conventional hormone therapies? Rockwood has you covered, with safe, natural solutions to common women’s ailments from menstrual issues to bone loss, breast health, heart disease, and beyond.
    • Geriatrics
      Like a classic car whose mechanical and cosmetic issues have compounded over time, the healthcare needs of the elderly can be complex. At Rockwood, we know how important it is to address all of your health issues, not just the “big ones.” Ditch that prescription cornucopia and its side effects for a more natural alternative – and a better quality of life.
  • Innovative, specialized services and therapies for:
    • Allergies
      Put the tissue box down… Elimination is possible!
    • Asthma
      Tired of walking around with your emergency inhaler like the stereotypical TV geek? Go beyond symptomatic, emergency treatment and discover why more natural therapies are being used for asthma now than ever before.
    • Cardiology
      Cardiovascular diseases are serious, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be controlled naturally.From homeopathic remedies to botanical medicines, vitamins, and minerals, learn more about how to safely combine natural remedies and safely decrease your reliance on side effect ridden cardiovascular drugs.
    • And more!
      The talented doctors at Rockwood can manage many complex issues. Don’t see your issue covered here? Just ask!
  • Natural healthcare solutions:
    • Natural pharmacy
      High-quality natural remedies for managing your illness, from vitamins and minerals to homeopathic, herbal and botanical remedies.
    • Homeopathy
      Unlike conventional medicine which controls health issues by suppressing or working in opposition to symptoms, homeopathy works on the principle of “like cures like,” addressing issues with minute doses of substances that would otherwise produce those symptoms in a larger dose. Learn more about these amazing and effective remedies.
    • Acupuncture
      Around since 500 B.C. and still used in conjunction with Western medicine in Chinese hospitals today, acupuncture utilizes needles as thin as a human hair to restore the normal balance of energy flow throughout the body. Needle phobic? Moxibustion, cupping, and auricular therapy (ear seeds) offer effective, needle-free options.
    • Intravenous Therapies
      This popular therapy removes toxic compounds such as lead and mercury from the body, and can even reduce arterial and venous plaques! Banish the bypass surgery and other bothersome issues with this proactive healthcare approach.
    • Hydrotherapy
      Improve circulation and stimulate the body’s own healing force with this refreshingly effective application of alternating hot and cold water for help treating variety of issues ranging from fatigue and flus to arthritis, heart disease, and constipation.
    • Natural Hemorrhoid and Anal Fissure Treatments


Tired of the same old story when it comes to healthcare? Take a fresh, new approach to your healthcare needs. Contact the naturopathic medicine experts at Rockwood today!