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Six Symptoms and Six Natural remedies for Menopause

How does a woman know that she is in menopause? The previous way of diagnosing it was that she should not have any menstrual bleeding for a period of one year. Every woman goes through menopause differently.
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Emotional Healing

Dr Thacker’s Emotional Healing – In this article Dr Thacker discusses how to address emotional issues that we are faced with from time to time, offering some excellent suggestions.

Feeling down and depressed?

Depression is something that most everyone experiences at one time or another during their life but are able to over come it without too much difficulty. About 5% of the population (15 million people) are depressed at any given time while the incidence and severity of depression increases dramatically during the holiday season. How does one recognize depression and what treatments are available. This article by Dr Ardolf provides some answers.