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Woman wearing mask

Aren’t masks supposed to stop the spread of COVID-19? Why do the number cases continue to rise?

Lyle R asks: With all of the masking going on in Arizona and elsewhere, why do the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise? Aren’t masks supposed to stop the spread?
transparent model showing airways in the body

Covid-19 and Susceptibility to Infection

Janice K asks: In your newsletter you have talked about susceptibility to infection being more important as opposed to the infective organism itself. All the coverage for the Corvid-19 virus says that we need to be aware that it will come back in the fall and that it will be even more infective. This is causing me a lot of anxiety and I am unsure what to believe.
vitamin D from sun

Regarding Vitamin D

Christine W asks: I would be curious about your take on this recent article regarding Vitamin D. The New York Times article she passed along was titled: Vitamin D, the sunshine supplement, has shadowy money behind it.
covid projections

Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19) Projections

Andrea K asks: I have been hearing about projections for the death rate associated with the current Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and that they are projected to be very high.