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Is there a Value to Fish Oil Supplements?

Mark H sent us a newspaper article written by a Cardiologist entitled: A cardiologist’s change of heart – following the science led him to a new conclusion on the value of fish oil supplements and asked my opinion of what he was saying in it.

Can My Employer Make Vaccination Mandatory?

Jon K asks; now that the FDA has licensed the Pfizer Covid vaccine can my employer make it mandatory for continued employment?

Do We Need to Worry about the New Covid Variants?

Korri C asks: With all of these new variants for the COVID virus do we need to worry about them?

Increased Number of Deaths Since the COVID Vaccine

Teri D asks, I have heard a lot about the increased number of deaths since the COVID vaccine has been used. Depending upon the source there seems to be a difference of opinion regarding this. What do you know about this?

Laboratory Grown Meat

Sue S asks: What is all this I am hearing about laboratory grown meat? What is it and is this safe to eat?

Xylitol and its Effects on Dogs

Christine W sent along this question regarding Xylitol and its effects on dogs. “This article appeared in a local magazine and I couldn’t help wondering after reading it if xylitol has similar effects on people?”

Near Infrared Light Sauna

Christine W asks:  I read this transcript (from of an interview about Near Infrared Light Sauna. I’ve never heard of it, and I am curious what you think of that kind of therapy?
Woman wearing mask

Aren’t masks supposed to stop the spread of COVID-19? Why do the number cases continue to rise?

Lyle R asks: With all of the masking going on in Arizona and elsewhere, why do the number of COVID-19 cases continue to rise? Aren’t masks supposed to stop the spread?
transparent model showing airways in the body

Covid-19 and Susceptibility to Infection

Janice K asks: In your newsletter you have talked about susceptibility to infection being more important as opposed to the infective organism itself. All the coverage for the Corvid-19 virus says that we need to be aware that it will come back in the fall and that it will be even more infective. This is causing me a lot of anxiety and I am unsure what to believe.
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Regarding Vitamin D

Christine W asks: I would be curious about your take on this recent article regarding Vitamin D. The New York Times article she passed along was titled: Vitamin D, the sunshine supplement, has shadowy money behind it.