At one time or another most everyone has experienced an allergic reaction such as hives, urticaria or contact dermatitis, or as sneezing, runny nose or difficulty breathing. The symptoms vary among individuals, but are the body’s attempt to counteract the environmental or food allergen.

Allergies can be treated.

What am I Allergic to?

There are variety of diagnostic tests to reveal the offending agent. Our doctor may choose to conduct an elimination and reintroduction program which also helps identify offending allergens.

Programs to diagnose and treat allergies are developed for the individual patient. They may include homeopathic desensitization, immune system enhancement, dietary changes, and macro-nutrient administration.

Depending upon the type of allergy present, whether it is an acute or chronic problem, and how long the person has suffered with it, patients can expect a gradual return to health as well as strategies as to how to avoid potential allergens.

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