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I struggled with my GI issue for 6+ months before I made an apt. at Rockwood. Within 2 weeks of starting my treatment, I was feeling fantastic. It’s now been over 3 months and I feel great. I would highly recommend my doctor at Rockwood to anyone!
Mark E on Sep 01, 2015

Dr Shawna is amazing! Both my daughter and I see her. She has helped both of us tremendously. She had been able to help my daughter with fears and anxiety. She can now function in school, focus and stay on task. Several teachers told us she had ADHD. She had anxiety and with Dr Shawnas help she is now a happy girl who manages school successfully and is excelling. Dr Shawna also helped me with my hormone and thyroid imbalance. I am no longer annoyed and stressed by small things that started to affect me as my hormones are changing. It is amazing what can be done to help you naturally. I highly recommend seeing Dr Shawna.
Angela Host on Oct 10, 2015

I’ve been going to Rockwood Natural Medicine Clinic since 2006. I don’t know or am familiar with the kinds of treatments that they gave to put my body in balance but they just did wonders. He used a multitude of naturopathic medicines to help with my stomachaches. Prices are very fair and it was a real blessing to get a hold of this clinic. There is no one better in the naturopathic care community. I’ve already recommended them!
Ernie Garfield on Oct 08, 2015

I’ve been going to Rockwood Natural Medicine Clinic for about 4 or 5 years now. Dr. Thomas is so nice; his two office employees are exceptionally good and kind. I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes at the office. He is one of the very few doctors in town that knows how to do a cranial adjustment, and is even good at diet advice. I’ve been very pleased with him; the price is fair for the services although I wish his office accepted Medicare.
Jan Bracken on Oct 06, 2015

Hands down best doctors I’ve ever been to. Doctor E helped me in so many ways and forever changed my life and I would recommend her to anyone! If you want a genuine doctor that will truly look into your health concerns and not just prescribe a bunch of prescription meds she is the way to go. You will not be disappointed! The whole facility is a very positive environment and everyone is very caring and helpful. Brooke Vowers on Sep 10, 2015

Dr. Eischens is SO caring and knowledgeable! I was treated from MN and could not be happier with everything that she has helped me with. I truly believe natural medicine is incredibly powerful and effective for so many reasons. Try it! You will not be disappointed.
Brandi Borman on Oct 08, 2015