Month: May 2021

Prostatic Disease: A Common Problem / New Hope for Relief

This article discusses the all to commonly encountered problems with prostate disease that begins to affect men in their 40’s. Various natural therapies and preventive measures are discussed.

Eating for Sun Protection

Using sunscreens or minimizing or avoiding the sun are not the only ways to protect oneself from harmful rays. Some simple foods and supplements are discussed in this article you might want to consider

The Medicine in Your Kitchen

This article by Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken talks about some of the foods in ones kitchen that can treat everyday illnesses. It is a welcome companion to our Medicines from the Kitchen found under Natural Medicines.

How Safe are the mRNA Vaccines and What Do They Actually Do?

Now that the first wave of Covid vaccinations has passed, the rush to become vaccinated or even fully vaccinated has begun to slow, much to the chagrin of the press, politicians and special interest groups. Many are opting out at this point due to concerns about adverse reactions.