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Evaluation of Gait Disorders in the Elderly

This is an article written for a medical publication by Dr Kruzel discussing how to evaluate changes in gait which leads to instability and falls in the aging population.

Pulmonary Disease in the Elderly

This article was written for medical publication by Dr Kruzel discussing how the changes of aging affect pulmonary function.

Indigestion, Gas and Bloating

This article by Dr Meghna Thacker discusses the reasons that people suffer symptoms of indigestion, gas and bloating. Many patients think that this is a normal occurance and are surprised to discover that these are a sign of liver dysfunction, dysbiosis and decreased enzyme levels.

Top Ten Ways to Protect Yourself from Toxins

This article by Dr Katie Stage, N D discusses ways with which you can make your home environment free of toxins. In it she discusses toxins found in foods, plastics, health products and cosmetics while providing tips for maintaining clean air. Additionally the article provides links to other web sites regarding toxins.

Growth Milestones

Growth milestones from infancy through age 5 years are important for physicians and parents to keep track of. As each child is an individual, they will develop at their own pace and may develop different skills at different times. The milestones listed are what are normally seen, but parents should not become alarmed if their child does not reach all of them by this age.


The properties of lectins have been known for some time and extensively studied. Their ability to cause disease and to function as markers which delineate specific pathological processes has been reported, but until recently, the role of lectins in the treatment of disease has only been suggested by a variety of sources.

Homeopathic Treatment of Urethritis

This article discussed the natural treatments for acute and chronic urethritis.

To Screen or Not to Screen for Prostate Cancer

This article by Phranq Tamburri, NMD discusses current trends in prostate cancer screening and thoughts about treatment protocols. Recognized as an expert in the area of prostate disease the article helps men to make informed choices regarding prostate disease.

Tough Financial Times Impact Health

Across the country clinics are seeing a rise in patients complaining of heartburn.

Statins – Are the Risks Worth the Benefits?

Are the Risks Worth the Benefits? As statin medications are one of the most widely prescribed medicines, the article discusses the reasons for buildup of atherosclerotic plaque, the side effects of statin use, and the role natural medicines and diet play in reversing coronary artery disease.