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Top Of The Class

Dr. Shawna Eischens

It’s back to school time for many, but the school of life is never ending.  Prepare for success with some tools to thrive whether you’re a student, teacher, parent, or a participant in this journey called life.

Choose the best answer
A) My daily choices promote health, success, and happiness.
B) I spend time investing in supportive relationships, healthy habits, and working towards my goals.
C) I am conscious and satisfied with how I prioritize my time, energy, and money.
D) All of the above.

Unless you can honestly answer “D”, take some time to reflect on how you spend your time, money, and those you surround yourself with.

Just like test taking, life is about choosing the best option.  Learn your strengths and weaknesses, then prioritize based on your goals.  Is it most important to focus time on a weaker school subject, hang out with a friend, or exercise for 30 minutes?

This answer may vary daily depending on your current situation.

What choice will leave you with peace and satisfaction versus regret?  Although I don’t view choices as painful, Jim Rohn’s quote summarizes my sentiments. “We must all suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.”  Choose to do YOUR BEST in every aspect and there is no room for disappointment.

Control what you can and let go of what you can’t control.

Be on time to sleep class
Although it’s tempting to stay awake in efforts to get more done, don’t neglect the importance of sleep.  Sleeping less than 6 hours creates a vicious cycle of negativity in our mind and body.  Increased caffeine intake can take a toll on the adrenal glands pushing them to the point of exhaustion.  Over time, this constant drain may contribute to thyroid or other endocrine disruptions.

Lack of sleep increases hunger and food consumption potentially leading to weight gain, lethargy, and irritability.  Fatigue also reduces your ability to focus and comprehend resulting in decreased learning and test scores.  Sleep is essential for the body to rest and recover.  To fall asleep most effectively, do your best to avoid bright lights, sugar/caffeine, and stimulating TV/computer content within an hour of your desired bedtime.

Sharpen your brain with color to stand out in the crayon box
Nutrition is the foundation of health, therefore, a colorful, whole foods diet is encouraged to help feel your best.  Busy households may be overwhelmed by the thought of cooking meals on a daily basis.  Meals prepared in a slow cooker/Crock Pot are great to come home to after a busy day.  Make enough to have as leftovers, or freeze in smaller containers so you can thaw and have a meal on the go at a later date.  Beans and soups work out great, but there are endless options.

Encourage proteins with every meal for proper blood sugar balance and neurotransmitter production.  Some healthy proteins include beans, lentils, seeds, nuts, eggs, turkey or other wild/organic meats.

Many people experience ‘brain fog’ with foods containing gluten, real and artificial sugars, or dairy.  The reason people have a difficult time focusing varies per person, but by decreasing your exposure to these potential culprits, your brain has a better chance of staying sharp.  Adding in a fish oil supplement recommended by your naturopathic physician may help decrease symptoms of brain fog or inattentiveness as well.

Below are some snacks on the go that are fast, healthy, and delicious.
A) Almond butter with organic celery or apples
B) Sliced cucumbers, peppers, or broccoli with hummus
C) Homemade trail mix including your favorite seeds, nuts, and additions like raisins, cinnamon, or carob chips.
D) A smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, protein powder or some nut butter, frozen blueberries, organic spinach.  Get creative and add your favorites.
E) Rice crackers dipped in avocado with sliced turkey make great finger food sandwiches.

Running late or forgot your lunch?  Eating healthy is still an option with places like GrabbaGreen who deliver organic meals, juices, and snacks to work, home, or school.  Check out for more information.

Ready to be empowered to make grocery shopping fun and less overwhelming?  Dr. E does personalized grocery store tours to clarify confusion about terms like organic, gluten free, GMO, and dirty dozen.  Handouts are provided while foods to enjoy or avoid are highlighted throughout the tour.  Reserve your spot at 480-767-7119.

Play nice on the playground
Some things we learn in preschool are good rules for life.  Treating others with respect, listening while others are speaking, and being kind to one another are important lessons regardless of age, ability, or status.  Every person has struggles and insecurities, some which may not be known until it’s too late.  Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions to your kids or friends who may be struggling so they can receive the necessary help to assist in their healing.

Naturopathic physicians can help ease the pain and potentially cure depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and learning difficulties with safe and effective treatments.  Ask how the physicians at Rockwood Natural Medicine Clinic can help you.  We offer free 15 minute consultations if you are unfamiliar with the amazing potential of healing through naturopathic medicine at 480-767-7119.

To rise higher, lift others up.  ~Debra Roberts
May you thrive this school year and beyond.  Grab your seat and enjoy the ride of life!

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