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Overdue For A New Point Of View On The Flu?

The flu can strike at any time of the year depending upon where you are and your susceptibility. Dr Eischens discusses the reasons one gets the flu and how to prevent it in this article.

What are GMOs?

The use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) is not without controversy. This question and answer article by Dr Kruzel addresses some of these issues as well as whether the public has the right to know.

The Probiotic Popularity Contest-May The “Good Guys” Win

This article by Dr Shawna Eischens discusses the types and uses of probiotics, helping one to make informed choices.

Suggestions for Optimizing the Nutrient Value of Your Diet

This article by Thomas A Kruzel, ND discusses ways to optimize the nutrient value of your diet. Have you wondered if you were getting the optimal amount of nutritional value from your diet? Suggestions for Optimizing Nutrient Value of Your Diet provides some helpful suggestions to make sure that you do.

Struggling With Outbreak Fear Or Ready to Break Out of Fear?

This article by Shawna Eischens, ND examines the current debate and media fueled hysteria over vaccinations in light of the recent measles out break.

Peyronie’s Disease – Therapeutic Considerations

This article by Dr Kruzel discusses the cause and formation of Peyrone’s Disease and the numerous therapies that are available.

Top Of The Class

This article by Dr Shawna Eischens provides some helpful tips for getting enough sleep and healthful eating in order to get back into the swing of school and life in general.

The Not So Sweet Side Of Sugar

How can one tiny, but popular carbohydrate be responsible for pleasurable euphoria, while creating addictive behavior and systemic detrimental effects? Sugar is necessary for us to think and function, but the trend of increased sweetened beverages and food is destroying our health.

Evaluation of Gait Disorders in the Elderly

This is an article written for a medical publication by Dr Kruzel discussing how to evaluate changes in gait which leads to instability and falls in the aging population.

Pulmonary Disease in the Elderly

This article was written for medical publication by Dr Kruzel discussing how the changes of aging affect pulmonary function.