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Emotional Healing

As the holiday time approaches, it can bring up many types of emotions. When the families get together, there can either be excitement and happiness or there can be anger, fear, and resentment. Our emotional reactions depend upon our past experiences in our relationships. As a human being, we sometimes torment ourselves about choices we’ve made, words we’ve spoken, and the path not taken. These thoughts and judgments are the source of our emotional pain. “While the body spontaneously lets go of pain the moment the underlying cause is healed, the mind has a mysterious instinct for holding on. Through the mind, we create a prison of suffering and then forget that we are the architect and that we ourselves hold the key that will set us free.” – Deepak Chopra

Even after years of emotional healing work, we all sometimes make the mistake of believing that something “out there” makes us angry, depressed, anxious, or afraid. In reality, outside events are only triggers. The cause of every emotion is within. By uncovering the false perceptions that cause us to cling to pain, we can open to a deep experience of peace. Yes, there are all kinds of people out there. Some of them are toxic, who manipulate other people according to their whims and wishes and cause emotional trauma and abuse. It is hard to recognize emotional abuse compared to physical abuse since there are no scars or bruises seen physically. The victim in this case firstly needs to realize the situation they are in before they can seek help. In most cases of emotional abuse, the victim maybe in denial since since they may have lived with this abuse for a very long time.

I would like to share some natural ways to help people with emotional trauma.

1.) Homeopathy- works beautifully in this case. It is a practice of medicine which also involves the artistic skill of the physician to find the best remedy for the patient. The impact that homeopathy has on the emotional plane of a person can be life changing. I use it successfully to treat patients with mental emotional issues like anxiety and depression.

2.) Essential oils- are very effective. The aroma can lift moods significantly. They are either available as single oils or in blends, it depends on the purpose you are using it for. They can be directly applied to the skin or added to a diffuser to spread the aroma in the room. I recommend using lavender, rose and frankincence for anxiety. I have been using the one called “Live with Passion” by Young Living. I have a deep passion for the medicine I practice and like to help as many people as possible in different ways. So using this oil enhances this feeling in me.

3.) Journaling- penning down your thoughts is a great therapy. You can either choose to do it every night while sipping hot chamomile tea or do it from time to time. I choose to do it as needed. There have been certain times in my life which have been more challenging and I needed to write more regularly then. I have done it for years and it helps me go back years and self-reflect. I am able to identify patterns of how my reactions were to certain situations and helps me learn how to change what I don’t like. It also helps me realize what really matters to me and helps me reinstate my morals and values.

4.) Meditation- helps you find your true self and purpose in life. It brings mental peace and increases awareness. There are many different kinds of meditations available. If you have never tried it before, you must start with a short 7 to 10 minute guided meditation. YouTube can be your friend for the same. I encourage you to try the 21 days meditation by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. You can register by email and can download the app on your phone. They are free. Their recent meditation is about creating peace from inside out. They talk about the 3 ancient Indian practices that help immensely

  • a. Seva-focuses on the spiritual connection that is developed with the world when we offer selfless service to others. Not only do we help others through our service, but we also gain spiritually in joy and compassion, and that lifts us up as well. Some examples are doing weekly volunteer work at a hospital or feeding the homeless people.
  • b. Sadhana-The word “your” is significant because everyone’s journey into self-awakening is unique. Along the way you must learn how to find trust in yourself – in your inner strength, courage, and inspiration.
  • c. Satsang- When you connect with others who also hold a vision of world peace, compassion, and human dignity, you are magnifying the power of your positive influence in the world many times over. This is the power of spiritual community, or Satsang. It could be attending church or a temple on Sundays or be part of a community group like Chinmaya Mission where you go as a family to learn, grow and share with like-minded people.

5.) Low Dog’s 4-7-8 Breath Meditation Exercise– Take a moment and breathe! Researchers have shown that by altering the rhythm of our breath, we can have a powerful effect on our emotions. It’s one of the best tools we have to counteract the effects of stress. The easiest way to do it is just to sit comfortably in a chair, feet on the floor, hands on your knees, and inhale for the count of four, hold your breath for the count of seven, and then exhale for the count of eight. If you do this four times, every morning, and every night, or when you are feeling like you’re really in a stressful situation, I promise you, it will help calm you, center you, and after you finish the series, you’ll feel much better prepared to enter back into your world. Breath work is a powerful tool, it doesn’t cost you anything, and you can take it with you wherever you go.

by Dr. Meghna Thacker

I truly believe that if we have a heart full of love, compassion and kindness then that is what we will attract. It will bring inner peace. “Love is the soul reason of our existence.”- Dr. Thacker