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Medicines from the Kitchen

Ever wonder in the middle of the night what to do to treat an illness when the doctor in unable to be seen? This handout can provide some answers as to what can be used from the kitchen.

Apples: For constipation; for styes Grated and as a poultice
Apple Cider Vinegar: Sore Throats 4 tsp to 1 pint hot water, gargle
Apricots: Diarrhea Constipation
Fresh,chopped & eaten strained, for babies
Baking Soda: Itching due to urticariaBee stings
½ cup per neutral bathtubMix with water and use as a paste
Barley: Diarrhea Barley and water
Bran: Constipation ½ tsp in foods, make sure there is enough fluid being taken in
Cabbage: Gastric or peptic ulcers 1
quart of juice/day for 2 weeks
Cayenne Pepper: Bleeding
Tickling Coughs
Peptic or gastric ulcer
Mix powder with water and apply to wound
1/8 tsp. In ½ cup water, swallow and follow with plain water if needed, 3 times/day
½ tsp in one-cup water for pain relief. Can be mixed with buttermilk @ ½ tsp. To quart of milk. Can be taken in
a capsule
Diarrhea 2 tsp./ 3 ½ oz of water
Celery: To replace sodium Good for bladder infections, especially the leaf portion
Charcoal: Diarrhea

Toxicity/food poisoning
2 capsules every 2 to 4 hours. Can also burn toast and eat
Same as above
Caraway Seed: Gas and bloating Chewed whole or as a tea
Carrot: Sore throats
Diarrhea in infants & children
Grate,place between 2 layers of cotton cloth and use as a poultice over the throat or stye
Cooked or mashed
Cloves: Toothaches As a decoction on cloth which is sucked in the mouth
Dill: Gas and bloating Chewed whole or as a tea
Epsom Salts: Muscle pain, soreness & aching Colds & flu’s with deep bone pains Insomnia, nervous tension
1 cup per bath
Garbanzo Beans: Severe weakness after a bout of the flu  
Garlic: Sore throats, coughs
Abscesses, boils, ulcerations
Runny nose

Blood pressure

Slice & simmer with tea
Poultice; Chopped & swallowed with water
Poultice or as drops in olive oil
Tea or chopped & swallowed
Clove peeled but not cut placed in the rectum after every bowel movement for 3 days
Horseradish: Sore throats Sinus congestion Coughs
Grate & use raw or in vinegar or tea
Honey: Dehydration Honey and salt together in water to restore fluids
Lemon: Colds
Fresh lemon in warm water, from 1 to 5 tsp.; take ½ hour before eating if used for constipation
Mint: Coughs
Use as a tea
Milk: Conjunctivitis
InsomniaItching/skin rash
Breast milk as it has immune properties
½ hour before bed, taken warm
Raw milk, goats milk, applied topically
Mustard: Bronchitis
Mustard plaster: – Take 1 part mustard to 3 parts flour (4 for babies). Add enough egg white to form a paste then place between 2 layers of cloth and leave on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Follow with a heating compress after the skin has turned red, wait 1 to 2 hours and repeat on back. Be sure to check with person to make sure they are not being burned.
Nutmeg: Gas
and Bloating
Fainting, hysteria
Capsules or tea; may be toxic so be cautious
Onion: Bee stings Slice of raw onion on the sting
Olive Oil: Constipation 1 to 2 tsp., may be given with lemon
Parsley: Cystitis
As a tea or juice; 1 cup 3 to 4 times/day
Rice: Diarrhea Cook with extra water, use rice water
Potato: Conjunctivitis
Grate and use as a poultice or directly over the eye or abscess
Salt: Constipation
Sore throat
2 tsp to 1 quart water as an enema
½ tsp to 4 oz of water, gargle
Same as sore throat except 1 to 3 drops in each nostril
Sage: Sore throat
Sinus drainage
1 tsp/cup of warm water, gargle & swallow
Fevers Topically to cool down high temperatures
Oatmeal: Urticaria/itching 1 up to a tub of neutral temp. water or place in a sock and wet, then dab affected area
Thyme: Sore throat 1 tsp./cup water gargle & swallow
Water: Burns
Caustic burns

Sprains & strains

Warm water
Flush with water
Hot water bottle
Hot water bottle
Bath at 1 degree less than temperature – gradually lowering the temperature of the bath
Clean with soap & water
Ice packs
Steam inhalation
Ice packs

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