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Introducing Solid Foods

It is generally recommended that the following foods be introduced into an infant’s diet during certain periods of development. Introduction of foods during different times allows for proper gastrointestinal tract development as well as aiding in immune system development.
6 Months (foods high in iron)

Applesauce Apricots Bananas Blackberries
Broccoli Carrots Cauliflower Cherries
Grapes Jerusalem Artichoke Kiwi
Pears Pears Prunes Sprouts

9 Months (foods high in Zinc)

Black strap molasses Blueberries Cabbage Lima Beans
Millet Nectarines Oatmeal Papaya
Potato Split pea soup String beans Sweet potato

12 Months (foods high in Zinc & fiber)

corn Squash Asparagus Avocado Barley
Chard Egg yolk Goats milk Parsnips
Rice(brown) Tofu

18 Months (foods high in B Vitamins & Calcium)

Beans Beet greens Buckwheat Chicken
Eggplant Fish Greens Kelp
Lamb Rutabaga Rye Tahini

21 Months (foods high in protein)

Almond butter Beef liver Brewers yeast Cashew butter
Cornish hen Cows milk (raw) Egg Oranges
Pineapple Turkey Walnuts Wheat

2 to 3 Years

Clams Cottage cheese Duck Lamb liver
Lentils Peanut butter Sunflower seeds

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