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Why are there so many different drugs for the same condition? What benefit do they have?

Pharmaceutical companies develop new drugs similar to what is already on the market because of patents held by the original developers.
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Do Insurance Companies Provide Incentives for services/medications?

How do insurance companies encourage physicians to do more procedures? One only has to review the Blue Cross Blue Shield payout summary distributed to participating physicians to find out.
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Why doesn’t my insurance company cover alternative medicine therapies? Wouldn’t they save a lot of money?

Alternative practitioners have for decades touted the cost effectiveness of naturopathic medicine and alternative therapies but it has only been recently that research has borne this out. It seems logical to many that if insurance companies covered alternative therapies, that in the long run they would make more money.
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Can Medical Research be Trusted?

Most medical therapies are predicated upon “evidenced based” research, particularly in the allopathic profession, where studies are used to justify therapeutic protocols. A prime example of this is statin therapy for high cholesterol where studies over the years have lead to increasingly stringent (narrower) guidelines for their use, resulting in more and more prescriptions.