Author: Elizabeth Taddiken

Foods to Include and Avoid When You Are Trying to Get Pregnant

What should I eat to improve my chances of getting pregnant? Here’s what to eat – and what foods to avoid – to increase your chances of conception.

Helping Kids Stay Fit and Stay Focused – Mitigating ADHD

Statistics from a long-term European Youth Heart Study concluded that children who are physically unfit at the age of 9 years old have double the risk of developing attention problems (ADHD) during their teenage years compared with physically fit children.

Eating for Sun Protection

Using sunscreens or minimizing or avoiding the sun are not the only ways to protect oneself from harmful rays. Some simple foods and supplements are discussed in this article you might want to consider

The Medicine in Your Kitchen

This article by Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken talks about some of the foods in ones kitchen that can treat everyday illnesses. It is a welcome companion to our Medicines from the Kitchen found under Natural Medicines.
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Fertility Optimization Method: A Naturopathic Solution to Infertility

The desire to have a child can be so strong that it often becomes all-consuming for many women and their partners.  When the desire is there but natural conception is turning out to be a struggle, this can cause tremendous frustration and a number of other emotions ranging from sadness to anger.