Month: June 2012

Earaches/Otitis Media

This article discusses this common childhood ailment, how to prevent them and natural therapies should they occur.

Diet and Nutrition – A Naturopathic Perspective

This article by Dr Kruzel discusses the various aspects of how and why we make individual food choices, dietary changes associated with aging, and how to determine which diet is best for you.

Feeling down and depressed?

Depression is something that most everyone experiences at one time or another during their life but are able to over come it without too much difficulty. About 5% of the population (15 million people) are depressed at any given time while the incidence and severity of depression increases dramatically during the holiday season. How does one recognize depression and what treatments are available. This article by Dr Ardolf provides some answers.

Connecting the Dots – Or How to Put Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again

Or How to Put Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again Functional Medicine and Naturopathic Medicine: Can we ³connect the dots² to create the big picture? This article by Thomas A. Kruzel, N D and Zora De Grandpre, M.S., N.D. Recently appeared in a natural medicine publication and discusses the emerging and changing roles of medicine as they relate to allopathic, functional and naturopathic medicine.

Will We Ever Find A Cure for the Common Cold?

This article dispels some myths regarding colds and flu’s and provides suggestions for prevention.

Childhood Nutrition

Childhood nutrition is a vital part of growth and development as well as ensuring proper immune system function. What constitutes proper nutrition for children and why is it so important that good nutritional habits be developed early in life. This article by Dr Kruzel will provide some answers.

Cancer of the Prostate – A Naturopathic Perspective

A Naturopathic Perspective – Many men diagnosed with CAP are offered surgery or drug therapy as the only treatments. This article discusses the natural medicine approach to cancer of the prostate as well as some of the newer diagnostic and monitoring techniques.

Cancer: Awareness, Prevention & Natural Therapies

The article discusses the warning signs of cancer, how to recognize them, development of preventive medicine programs to decrease ones risk of cancer, and how natural and conventional medical therapies can be utilized to fight cancer.

Breast Feeding and the Introduction of Solid Foods for Immune System Development

Ever wonder why breast feeding is so important and why physicians recommend introducing solid foods in an incremental manner? This article reviews the how’s and why’s of immune system development and its dependence on breast feeding and good childhood nutrition.

Avian Flu – What is It & Should I Worry About It?

This article discusses the possible complications resulting from the Avian Influenza and preventive measures should it strike.