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Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19) Projections

Andrea K asks: I have been hearing about projections for the death rate associated with the current Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and that they are projected to be very high. But I have also heard that in China where the epidemic began, they are no longer having a problem. I am quite confused and concerned about this.

Comment: The statistics that you have heard are about projections based upon computer models designed to take into account the available resources such as hospitals, medical personnel and medications needed in order to handle a pandemic. This is entirely based upon allopathic models and does not take into account preventive measures or natural therapies. Projections are simply speculations about what may happen and should not be construed as an inevitable outcome. Unfortunately the media does not take this into account because sensation sells better than full disclosure.

One of the reasons that the Chinese were able to contain and eliminate the Coronavirus was that they utilized a number of natural therapies in addition to their quarantine. Additionally, the Coronavirus is a virus that is more prevalent during the colder times of the year and tends to disappear when the weather warms. This is one of the reasons that there are more cases in the northern latitudes than southern and why one of the recommended treatments is using a sauna. As the summer approaches it will be easier to contain the virus.

Most all of the experts in virology and epidemics say basically the same thing. That susceptible individuals will be more likely to contract and be affected by the virus but that many people have already contacted it, tested positive for it, but never develop symptoms. Additionally, certain groups are recognized as being more vulnerable to the Coronavirus such as those with heart and lung disease, diabetics and the frail elderly.

Preventive measures such as taking additional Vitamins A, C, and zinc, and making sure to wash your hands frequently throughout the day will help reduce ones susceptibility. Consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables is also indicated, as they are high in antioxidants and Vitamin C.

As a historical reference; the 1918 Influenza pandemic resulted in the loss of over 25 million people worldwide. Those who were treated allopathically with aspirin to counter the fever, had a much higher mortality rate (2.5 to 10%) than those treated by homeopathic and naturopathic physicians (1% mortality rate).

Our recommendation is to institute preventive measures and don’t panic. Certainly if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the clinic.


Thomas A Kruzel, N D