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Detox Program

14 day physician-led detox program:

✔️ decrease inflammation, pain, and blood pressure
✔️ improve immune function (macrophage activity, cell mediated immunity, etc.) and healing
✔️ cleanse (anything such as electronics, alcohol, or toxic relationships)
✔️ decrease weight and fat %
✔️ reset, add clarity, improve confidence, and help change daily patterns

Initial visit:

– 30 minute physician consult
– fat burning IM injection
– cleanse supplement
– comprehensive nutrition plan
– grocery list
– recipes
– resources to help you succeed!

Additional visits:

– hydrotherapy treatments
– physician follow-ups as needed

“As I went through this program last month, I can tell you it was so effective!  I had better sleep, less body pain (especially noticeable when waking in the morning), and I generally felt lighter and clear minded.  I didn’t feel starved and I dropped a little weight immediately, but I was not necessarily using this to lose weight.”

—Dr. Elizabeth Taddiken

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