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Homeopathic Immunization Schedule

Unlike the conventional medicine vaccines, reactions to homeopathic immunizations are rare. Often, if one occurs, it is because of an underlying familial miasm to which the person is reacting.
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How Safe is Our Drinking Water?

When you consider that humans primarily consist of water, it being fully 55% to 60% of our composition, its purity and safety should be of concern to all of us.
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Six Symptoms and Six Natural remedies for Menopause

How does a woman know that she is in menopause? The previous way of diagnosing it was that she should not have any menstrual bleeding for a period of one year. Every woman goes through menopause differently.
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The Seven Steps in treating Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

This article by Dr Meghna Thacker discusses thyroid disease, a condition that is more frequently seen by physicians, and what can be done to treat it with safe and effective natural therapies.
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Staying Sane And Healthy Through The Holidays

Dr Eichenes Staying Sane Through the Holidays. – Dr Eischens discusses many of the emotional and stressful issues that come up during the holiday season and how to address them naturally.
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Do Insurance Companies Provide Incentives for services/medications?

How do insurance companies encourage physicians to do more procedures? One only has to review the Blue Cross Blue Shield payout summary distributed to participating physicians to find out.
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Good-bye Acne, Rosacea, Rashes, and Accutane Dr. Shawna Eischens

In this article Dr. Eischens discusses her personal experiences with conventional skin care and how natural skin care provides a greater long-term benefit.

Taking the Angst out of Anxiety

Everyone experiences anxiety at one time or another but can become problematic if experienced too often. This article by Dr Shawna Eischens discusses the how’s and why’s associated with anxiety and how to deal with it naturally.

Overdue For A New Point Of View On The Flu?

The flu can strike at any time of the year depending upon where you are and your susceptibility. Dr Eischens discusses the reasons one gets the flu and how to prevent it in this article.

What are GMOs?

The use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) is not without controversy. This question and answer article by Dr Kruzel addresses some of these issues as well as whether the public has the right to know.